Боевик 2019 перепрыгнул заборы! ** ВОССТАНИЕ ЗЕКОВ ** Русские боевики 2019 новинки HD

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Older crime boss Semen Timofeevich Babushkin, whose talent for thieves once made up legends, has not been out of prison for the past 35 years, preferring her freedom, where he has no friends or relatives left. But once Babushkin receives a letter, from which he learns that he, it turns out, still has his own son, Slava, in the wild. Ironically, the younger Babushkin serves as an investigator in the bodies, but currently needs help - he was seriously framed, and not only his life, but also his daughter’s safety was at risk. Then the noble thug begins to build up his old connections and skills in order to get the new-minted family out of trouble.
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